Beyond Chronic Pain creates and shares pain education and pain management content to improve the lives of people suffering with persistent pain. Living with an invisible illness like chronic pain is challenging and can often feel lonely. Thankfully, research and understanding of chronic pain is growing and there are effective, practical ways to reduce the intensity and frequency of pain.


Rebecca developed chronic pain at age 13 and it impacted all aspects of her busy teenage life. Searching for answers, trying various treatments, missing school, losing contact with friends and being stuck in bed ultimately became her reality. After years of recovery, supported by her Mum and family, she is 21 and pain free.

Rebecca created Beyond Chronic Pain as the resource that she wished she had during her experience. She holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science which contributes to her understanding of chronic pain and strives to help people across the globe to get back to their life beyond chronic pain.


Chronic pain does not have a singular cause or quick fix. It is a complex condition which requires relearning and lifestyle changes to overcome. Through pain education, acceptance, management techniques and other strategies taught in the Beyond Chronic Pain course, the brain can be rewired, the nervous system calmed, and pain reduced.

 “I strongly believe that the key to recovering from chronic pain is embracing change and accepting that you are in control of your situation. Until this acceptance is felt, no treatment or method will have a long-term effect.”

– Rebecca

All views and opinions expressed on the Beyond Chronic Pain channels are based on personal experience.

Always consult a healthcare professional.